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Y&R’s Peter Bergman

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Bergman Comes Clean on "Jack"


 hspace=10 xsrc=Recently, Soapdom had the opportunity to sit down with Peter Bergman (Jack, Y&R) and ask him point blank why his character, Jack, was/is so against Phyllis and Nikki’s wellness spa venture.  He pulled no punches in sharing Jack’s rationale.  Plus, he also filled us in on just how gravely Jack will take the affair between Phyllis and Nikolas and how Jack will support his dad now that the truth is out. He also revealed how seriously he takes his job on the Young & the Restless.

Soapdom:  Whenever we interview actors -- and your name comes up – people always say the same thing -- that you are the consummate actor.  You are always prepared.  What do you do to get ready for your scenes?

Peter Bergman:  You know, I still feel genuinely grateful to get to do this for a living.  I take very seriously keeping my job and so I’m going to do everything I can to (be the best I can be at it).  When this is all over, I don’t want to look back and say ‘You know, I should of worked a little harder at it.  Maybe, if I’d worked at it more.’  So, when I come to work, I’m prepared to work. 

Soapdom: Do you rehearse with your scene partners before you go down to tape?

PB:  Yes, I make anyone that works with me -- I bother the hell out of  -- and make them run lines with me.  Most people like to, some people don’t like to, but I’ll make it fun for them. 

Soapdom: How?

PB:  I just have fun with the lines.  I want to know I know the words, so we put new meaning behind the words while we’re running them. It (becomes) a different scene and I accomplish what I need to accomplish. 

Soapdom:  Seriously it’s true what I said.   Whenever your name comes up or, someone mentions you, it’s always prefaced with “He is such the consummate actor.”

PB:  I am immensely flattered.  I actually, truly love what I do.

Soapdom: So, things are getting a little dicey now on your show between Jack and Phyllis. Why is Jack so against the wellness spa?

PB:  It’s not a good idea for Jabot. It’s a great idea for everybody else.  Jabot is recovering from…it’s barely back on it’s feet right now, and to start extending itself into areas that include doctors, medical malpractice and things like that, it’s not a good idea for Jabot. It’s a great idea to take somewhere else, but since it was developed at Jabot, I don’t think it should be taken just anywhere else.   I’d like to have something to say about things that were developed in our building.  That’s why Phyllis and I are at odds.  What else is happening in Phyllis’s life might be putting us at odds too, but I don’t know anything about that.  I can only guess what that is.

Soapdom: Will you soon find out?

PB:  I’m hoping!  I think that‘s the question on everybody who watches the show’s mind, ‘What’s Jack going to say about this?’  I don’t think it’s going to be pretty. I don’t think it’s going to be pretty at all.  Jack’s not going to be too happy with Phyllis, but Nicholas, he’s always looked out for. Jack hasn’t gone after the Newman jugular as long as Nicholas is at the top because he cares about Nicholas, and this is what he gets in return?  I think Jack is going to not feel as protective of Nicholas as he once did. 

Soapdom:  I think that Jack is also bonding with Daniel very nicely these days.

PB:  Yes, Jack has a great relationship with Daniel and Daniel seems to be in Jack’s corner and if I may, Daniel has also established a relationship with Nicholas and tried to help that family and Daniel’s going to be pretty disappointed when he finds out what his mother is doing.  I’m actually curious what the audience thinks of all that.  This is a married man with a family, just now recovering from a massive loss, and boy, Phyllis is showing some weird stripes here.  I can’t imagine the audience isn’t a little shocked at Phyllis’s behavior.  I mean, as exciting as it all is for everyone to watch these two get it together, the real truth is -- she’s destroying a home.

Soapdom:  Speaking of which, Sharon also almost strayed. 

PB:  Sharon found herself looking for comfort and before it turned into anything, had the presence of mind to say, “I gotta stop this, this is not right,” and even told Nicholas about it which is a far cry from what Nicholas is doing. 

Soapdom: If you had your wish for any love interest on the show, who would like to work with?

PB:  I want them to bring Diane back.  I think what’s interesting about that character is she’s the person Jack should be with by all rights. What’s cool about Jack and Phyllis is -- could they be more different? Could they be from more different worlds?  Could they approach life more differently and that’s what of course makes them unique.  (As for Diane), Jack used to golf with Diane’s dad.  He knows her family inside and out. They both came from country clubs, they both were born with silver spoons in their mouths and I don’t think we ever really played out that relationship.  I also think Susan Walters is terrific. 

Soapdom: How is Jack going to be supportive of his dad now that it’s revealed that John actually pulled the trigger?

PB:  That startled me.  That really threw me.  I mean somebody killed him and we gotta find out who it is and it’s the one thing you can’t do on a soap opera, you can’t kill somebody and get away with it.  You can’t kill somebody and stay on the show.  So he’s going off to jail.  And Jack will support John in anyway he possibly can.  His father was his mother, too. You know, this is the only parent he’s ever had really, his mom left when he was so young.  This is the uber parent. This is the guy Jack always wanted to be and has never quite pulled it off. 

Soapdom: Not yet!

PB:  No, not yet. But, there’s still time.

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